A French intern discovers segway !

Hi everybody ! I'm Ornella and this is my second week at Malta Segway Tours ! I am an intern  here for two months. 

Last Wednesday I discovered the Valletta segway tour ... Verdict ? SO FUN ! So easy also.
Blue explains how easy it is to use the segway and then, off we go !
After 3 minutes on the segway I felt like a child. I was a little girl again.
No fear, no worry, we just feel free and we can enjoy this wonderful city called Valletta !


The main advantage is that we can go everywhere we want on a segway. Narrow streets, places, squares, gardens ... and you can enjoy wonderful sights 


I noticed that everybody were staring at us in the street and I supposed they were thinking "What's that ? It's so strange !" or maybe "It looks so cool !" So If you're one of those people, just stop staring and try it. For sure you'll enjoy it. 

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