Stop asking what to do!

It seems the biggest question on most people's minds is 'What is there to do in Malta?' 
With so many options on this little island it seems visitors with limited time tend to worry about making  the right choices. 

This week the Malta Segway Tours team welcomed two groups that were only here for a few days and were looking for something unique, and fun that of course allowed them to see the islands' treasures. 

Now  I know what you're thinking, a segway tour  is not everyone's cup of tea, but why not give it a go?  Which is exactly what the ESB Networks team said! Last Friday the Irish team joined us for a Valletta Segway Tour.  The employees travel yearly together as part of the company's team building effort and this year, they chose to come to the island of Malta. With limited time and a mixture of ages, the aim was to find an activity that could be enjoyed by all!

Friendly, talkative,  and curious, the team loved the segway experience, and it was a pleasure to have met each of them. 

We then had a group of vibrant young students who were in Malta for a short English training course with IELS , hoping to practise their spoken English. While here, they had also planned to explore the islands. So they came for an afternoon tour around the city of Valletta. With a group of almost 40 students, we had our hands full, but it was a pleasure again to show these young faces round the historical streets of Valletta, while having a bit of fun on the segways.

No matter the size or age of the group, it seems our segway tours can be enjoyed by many. So stop asking what to do, and start planning when to do it. 

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