Great Group Getaway!

We've got something good going on, this little island has definitely become a hot spot. If you don't believe me, check this out! 

This week we welcomed a young and enthusiastic football team. The group of 30 managed by David Woodhall planned their trip to Malta over a month in advance. They were keen to incorporate Segways into their itinerary, and with a mixture of ages we had the challenge of making sure to provide them with an age appropriate experience that could be enjoyed by all.  

Our Segway Treasure hunt seemed to be the perfect option, set in the beautiful area of Buskett Gardens, the group was split into 4 teams. Asked to solve rhyming riddles and clues, the teams went head to head to come out on top. We also added some extra fun by incorporating additional Archery and Segway challenges, which proved to be a favorite among the young group. 

We had such a great time together that the whole group were keen to join us for more segway fun! 


We couldn't keep this vibrant group away as only a few days later we welcomed them  back for more adventure in the Capital city of Valletta! 

VallettasegwaySafe to say we had our hands full with the group of 26. By splitting the group and conducting 2 tours we managed to have yet another brilliant tour. Part of their tour was the Malta 5D show, which served as a perfect way to educate the group, in a fun way, about how much history the island has to offer.  Moving seats and bursts of wind the 5D show ended the tour in a memorable way.

This was not their first visit to Malta as a team, and they assured us it will not be their last! "A perfect place for a group get away. Safe, Warm and plenty on offer." Malta is a place that this group look forward to returning too. David and the team made the most out of their time here and we look forward to having them back for more fun in future.  

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