Practising sport is good, but practising sport on segway is better !

Rediscover Polo thanks to segways ! 
Everybody know polo, and horse polo, now it's time to discover Segway polo ! 
The first segway polo game was played in 2003 in USA. In 2004 the rules which are a mix between horse polo and bicycle polo were written and since this moment, this version of polo got more and more popularity ! 

Nowadays, a lot of people enjoy segway polo, some of them practise in competitions, others just enjoy with their family. The using of the segway brings to this traditional english sport a touch young and a little bit crazy ! 

Thanks to the segway polo increasing popularity, the International Segway Polo Association (I.S.P.A) has been created a few years ago. Every year it organises tournaments all other the world. 
Should Polo Segway come to Malta ? Would you try it ?!


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