Team Building Benefits

Have you ever thought about just how much time you spend with the people at work?

"Sometimes, I think I spend more time with the people I work with than my husband." - Say's Audrey. Its true, in most cases people spend more time at work with their co-workers then they do with their families.
Team building Malta

Which is exactly why we feel that team building activities should be a mandatory feature in every company's calendar.

What are the benefits of Team building?
Team building has become more and more important in the working world over the past several decades. Management theory has evolved from promoting competitive work environments to encouraging cooperative ones. Achieving a cooperative work environment through team building activities benefits not only the company but also the employees themselves.

Company benefit                                          Employee Benefit
- Better problem solving                                 - Increases sense of accomplishment 
- Increases productivity                                   - Develops team rolls
- Increases motivation                                     - Betters communication
- Improves loyalty                                              - Breaks down barriers
- Encourages creativity                                      - Develops problem solving 

What do we offer?
We’ve been focusing on a program of different events right from the start of Malta Segway Tours, realizing early in the project the potential that Segways have in bringing people together to interact and work together. Our Segway Treasure hunt has been in operation for the past 4 years and has proven to be a great success. For teams who are looking for a novel and unique experience that both challenges and encourages team collaboration.

team building Segway
 More information about the Treasure Hunt on Segways?
Send an email or calling directly on 00356 79403232

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