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We at Malta Segway Tours are proud to offer you our Segway Treasure Hunts,designed to provide you with the ultimate team building event!


Feel free to tell us more about your team and let us create an activity that is a perfect fit for your company.


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We Have 2 Main Locations


Dingli  Treasure Hunt

If you’re team is up for some adventure and would love to spend a day away from the office in contact with nature then this is your game. This event will get your team outdoors, facing new challenges and developing new skills, while discovering the secrets enshrouded in “Buskett Gardens”.

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Valletta Treasure Hunt

If you’re looking for that something to get your team thinking together, working together and having fun together, this event will do just that. Whilst gliding effortlessly on a Segway, this unique activity will ask your team break barriers, solve riddles and increase team communication. Set in the charming capital of Malta your team will get the chance to discover the true essence of team spirit.

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This is what some people had to say about the time they had!

'What a blast!': When I first saw the Segways being driven around, I imagined it was fun but when you actually get on board this fabulous machine, the thrill was great. I was immediately inspired to get the rest of my workmates to try it out and it was a success. Everyone loved it! A perfect Team building activity I would highly recommend!’

— Stephanie Sant

'A child again’ Our group is a mixture of young and old nevertheless everyone participated without hesitation and they all thoroughly enjoyed it. Fantastic team spirit! We will be back!

— Joseph Debono

‘An event we won’t forget’ we are a small company who always try do something different each year to celebrate our team. This event was something totally different and daring, but ended up being totally worth it. It will be hard to find something this fun to do next year, we might just have to come back!

— Daniel Meli

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