Valletta Treasure Hunt


This treasure hunt is designed to embrace the beautiful capital city and all its charms. It is set in the heart of this enchanted city, rich in culture and colour, where history comes to life for the entertainment of all team members. Get your team thinking, working together and increase awareness of their surroundings. This event will allow all to come together and face challenges, think outside the box to solve riddles as well as test their knowledge of Malta and its capital.


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Treasure Hunt





Come along, together with your creativity, history background (now you’ll regret dozing off during those history classes!), a good sense of orientation and a pinch of humour. This is a totally fun and unique way to spend time with your team, with Valletta being the perfect location for ample options of things to see and taste. All teams are different and with various abilities. To ensure that you get the most out of your event we can personalise it and provide you other ancillary activities such as food, drink, 5D cinema, and prizes.

We know that team building events are not easy to plan and can also be a daunting task when your day is already full to the brim. With Malta Segway Tours you can leave the job to us for a totally unique experience and you will also get the thrill of learning to ride a Segway. 

Trust us, it may look scary for some, but it’s actually FUN!

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