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Jo Llana’s Segway Experience

Truly, the best way to visit a city is to walk around.This way, you’ll have access to areas where a car or bus cannot go! But we all know that most tourists go on a vacation to relax and unwind …
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When the Girls are in Town

A total hot spot for all those ladies who are looking for a great holiday and a trip to remember! Malta the ideal getaway for any occasion, with its promise of sun, sea and sensational sites, this little island is a …
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A Holiday That Works

Have you ever been on holiday with your coworkers? Think it would be the worst holiday ever? Not for this group!  This  South African team, from Vodacom joined us last week for a little group fun. Most of the team …
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Great Group Getaway!

We’ve got something good going on, this little island has definitely become a hot spot. If you don’t believe me, check this out! This week we welcomed a young and enthusiastic football team. The group of 30 managed by David Woodhall …
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Stop asking what to do!

It seems the biggest question on most people’s minds is ‘What is there to do in Malta?’ With so many options on this little island it seems visitors with limited time tend to worry about making  the right choices. This week the …
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A French intern discovers segway !

Hi everybody ! I’m Ornella and this is my second week at Malta Segway Tours ! I am an intern  here for two months. Last Wednesday I discovered the Valletta segway tour … Verdict ? SO FUN ! So easy also. …
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Things to do in Malta in April and May

April, May, summer is coming soon … There are a lot to do in Malta so, Come on ! In Guardia parade, Valletta, Fort St Elmo.19 and 26 April. Also 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 May and 7, 14, 21 JuneCome …
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