Who We Are

We’re a grand bunch of people here at Malta Segway Tours, we’re all about good clean adventure and fun. We’re 6 people on the team, hard at work ensuring you guys have a hassle free experience with us. Our approach to the business is being unique and that was the catalyst that drove us to open Malta Segway Tours.  The idea, or better yet epiphany to set up shop came to us around 5 years ago when we looked at the local tourist market and thought to ourselves “surely we can be different, offer something creative”, and that’s when we came up with Malta Segway Tours. The tour revolves around the idea of offering experience different to anything on the island. You can enjoy our cultural city centre or explore a part of the island long forgotten.  So without further ado I introduce the people, the beacons of hope, the  team who keeps Malta Segway Tours rolling on.

Our Segwayers



Born on a Segway, his love for these machines started at a the very tender age of seven. He thought that a Segway was actually his birth mother. It was only four years ago that Adrian put his love to reality and started Malta Segway Tours. At the moment the tours are held at Dingli and Valletta but Adrian has bigger plans. One day, the tours shall spread all over the island and beyond !


Operations Manager

Say hello to Blue, she's here to put colour into our Segway team! She's the one to ask when looking for answers... but beware she tends to talk a lot..  Orange juice is her all time favourite so if you are thinking about buying her a drink you know what to get her.. 


Segway Leader

Busu is our outdoor man, known for his charm and football skills. Busu spends a lot of his time in the wilderness teaching the wild how to be wild.  Everyone loves touring with Busu, something about his cool calm and collected attitude makes you feel like your talking to 007 himself.


Segway Leader

So George is our rugby playing segway tour leader. He loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge of the Island..so be careful don't ask too many questions.. 


Logistics extraordinaire

Talk about a beaming smile…one that rain or shine he brandishes unreservedly. Charles is our logistics extraordinaire. He transports the Segways to and from all our destinations. In times gone by he worked as a moon buggy operator on various missions, allowing him to perfect his tactical ability of avoiding those pesky Maltese potholes, keeping you and the Segways safe and sound and comfortable on your trip.